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Route 66: A Crash Course in Navigating Life with the Bible by Krish Kandiah ~ Kregel Blog Tour

Route 66: A Crash Course in Navigating Life with the Bible

Product Details

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Monarch Books (July 31, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0857210181
  • Source for review book: Kregel Publishing

About the book:
Welcome to Route 66, a journey to discover how the 66 books of the Bible help us to know God--and know how to live for Him. This book is packed with practical help to live your whole life guided by the whole of the Bible.

For many of us, there is a disconnect between the Bible we treasure and the book we struggle to read. We know the Bible is a lamp to our feet, honey on our lips, and the sword of the Spirit, equipping us for every good work. But sometimes the Bible feels more like a confusing collection of ancient texts filled with obscure laws! Using the analogy of a trip, Route 66 unfolds how different passages of the Bible can help us travel through different passages of our life.

Route 66 works with the idea that there are eight identifiable genres within the Bible: narrative, law, psalm, prophecy, wisdom, gospel, epistle, and apocalyptic. Krish Kandiah introduces each in turn, explaining how to read them and how to apply their teaching to your life. He then provides five studies for each.

There are three ways you can use this book: on your own, with 40 daily Bible studies and a "travel journal" to record what God is teaching you; in a small group, with weekly study questions to supplement your personal reading; and with your church, using the eight sections of the book as a great sermon series.

My take on this book:
As Christians we know the Bible is Gods word, but speaking for myself I often feel overwhelmed with where to start or what to read, often needing a bit of inspiration.With the book Route 66: A Crash Course In Navigating Life With The Bible, the author reveals how different passages of the Bible can help us travel through different passages of our life. The book is broken down into eight manageable sections which are:
1.Living faithfully (the narrative literature)
2.Living distinctively (the law)
3.Living poetically (the psalms)
4.Living discerningly (the wisdom literature)
5.Living prophetically (the prophets)
6.Living infectiously (the gospels)
7.Living purposefully (the epistles)
8.Living hopefully (the apocalyptic literature)
Each section has five days worth of travel journal studies which give the reader specific Bible verses to hone in on,sort of like a road map thru the scriptures, there is also a story that goes along with the verses that are being read. There is also a section at the back of the book which gives the reader an eight week Bible challenge, showing us how we can read the Bible from cover to cover in eight weeks.
This is one of those books that can easily be used by an individual, but would be a perfect for Bible study groups, or in a church setting where everyone could read the Bible together at the same time.
A great study guide for anyone looking to learn more about the Bible. Since I have never actually read the Bible from cover to cover, I would love some feedback from my blog readers,to find out how many of us has read the Bible from cover to cover,and how long it took? Also do you think eight weeks is a realistic time frame in which to get it done? 

rating 4/5


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  2. Hi Brenda,

    One year I made it a project to read the entire Bible. I mapped out the readings week by week before I started. That way, I could keep to a pace that I knew would allow me to finish in the year. And I did.

    This book sounds quite interesting.

  3. Bookgirl, sounds like a plan, I have always wanted to read the Bible completely and think that next year is going to be my year, and your plan sounds a bit more manageable for me. Thanks for your insight.

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