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Dreaming Of You by Barbara Mack ~ review

Dreaming of You

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Kathleen Donaldson is proud, 26 years old and unmarried. She's a woman of power and strength, and some even might call her sharp-tongued and bossy. That makes her an oddity in the 1800's. No matter what others think, Kathleen has adapted to her life, and most of the time she feels fulfilled and happy. But Kathleen has a secret and keeping it hidden is becoming increasingly hard to do.

Then Dr. Duncan Murdoch arrives in town. He's attractive and exotic and Kathleen feels an immediate attraction. Before she knows it, he's discovered her secret, and tells her she needs to 'spend some time with him' if she wants him to keep quiet. Kathleen knows what that means, and she's determined to find some way out of this predicament. No matter how much her own mother throws her at the gorgeous Doctor's head...or how irresistible she finds him. 

My take on this book:
I read alot of historical fiction, and I must say that this was probably the shortest historical fiction work that I have read to date, but don't be fooled even though its short on length its not short on story. The characters are very well developed. Kathleen is a character who is easy to like, she willingly jeopardizes her own safety to help with the Underground Railroad. New to town Dr. Duncan Murdoch learns of Kathleen's secret and when he asks her to spend time with him in exchange for his silence Kathleen can only agree but wonders just what he expects.

I thought the characters were very well drawn out, there was more to Kathleen than first met the eye. The author had me wondering what the secret was that Dr. Murdoch knew about her. I liked that Kathleen was a strong character, but also had a vulnerable side as well.If your looking for a quick read that gives a bit of sexual tension along with romance, a bit of mystery, with a historical setting that will pull you in and leave you satisfied with the ending, your certainly going to enjoy this one!

rating 5/5

A complimentary copy of this e-book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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