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Refreshment in Refuge by Gina Burgess ~ review

Refreshment in Refuge
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A little dog revived with rain, a desperate woman comforted by warm arms, an intimate look at Mary Magdalene’s thoughts the morning Christ arose, a woman’s unselfish desire, are a few of the stories in this volume about living the Christian life. They illustrate some extraordinary paradigm breaks and parallels in living as Christ would have His Bride live.

Sometimes everyday living creates a fog over our spiritual enlightenment, dulling our understanding and even our relationship with God. Other times we get entangled in worries and cares of the world. Christ’s light will guide us to clear thinking, and He will burn off that fog just like sunshine. This is a collection of stories and studies of how to make Christ ruler of your heart, allowing the Son to dissipate the fog of trials and troubles that invade our lives on a daily basis.
My take on this book:
"Refreshment In Refuge" will do just that, it will refresh your spirit and remind you of God's unwavering love.
A compilation of short stories, from the authors own life experiences make this book very easy to relate to.You can easily feel the authors emotions as she shares her inspirational and uplifting stories of faith.
 I found myself completely drawn into this book after reading the first story titled The Refreshing, in this story an owner of a garage thinks that he has run over his beloved family pet Alfie, and unable to bear taking the animal home to bury he places it in a dumpster. He worries all day about how he will break the news to his family, especially his daughters, so when he blurts out the news, and as the family mourns, the heavens open up and rain begins to fall, it was as if God was sharing in their grief. When the man arrives at his garage the next day, a neighbor of the body shop informs him that his dog has been barking in the dumpster, what joy the man must have felt, and what a celebration his family must have had that night. What Alfie needed was a little reviving. Sometimes as Christians we also need a little reviving.
Their is also a chapter titled 10 things a christian must know, and eleven things one cannot live without, that I have found myself referring to several times even after finishing the book. I think because of the straightforward, clear way this book is presented it would be perfect for Bible study groups, but individuals would also find it a useful study tool as well. I feel like it would also make a great gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement or spiritual "refreshing" in their life.
Even though I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the author, it in no way alters my opinion of this book.

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  1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. They are such an encouragement to me, and I know God's hand is very much lifting me up. Thank you, again!
    Engraved in His palm,


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