Monday, April 25, 2011

A Collection Of Wednesday's by Amy Gaither Hayes

A Collection of Wednesdays: Creating a Whole from the Parts

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If you were to set aside a part of one day every week to explore all the pieces of who you are, what would you find? For Amy Gaither Hayes, Wednesday mornings have been such a time: a sacred space for her to distill the seemingly disparate bits and pieces of her life into their essence. Then she has set about reconnecting those pieces like beads in a necklace, discovering in the process a unified whole infused with purpose and beauty by her Creator. So it is with us all. In this anthology of Wednesday reflections by Amy, you will discover a new, simpler way of looking at the person you are. Through story, poetry, and song lyrics, A Collection of Wednesdays helps you uncover a Divinely woven order in what appear to be the random components of your life. Calling. Passion. Sand. Rest. Church. Music. Books. Words such as these offer fresh, uplifting glimpses of how your soul is put together. Find out how, and discover new insights into both yourself and the heart and ways of God.
My take on this book:
"A Collection Of Wednesdays" Amy Gaither Hayes does a wonderful job of  sharing her life lessons thru poetry, song lyrics and story writing. As she shares snippets of her life it is easy to see her faith in God shine thru.The book is broken down into fourteen sections and each section includes a story followed by a couple of poems that relate to the topic that was covered in the story. One of my favorites sections was titled Wisdom, where she shares a bit about her grandfather George and his "wait and see"attitude, which was about waiting with patience, and the willingness to change as we patiently wait. The poem that she writes titled "My Grandfathers Garden" had me reflecting on my own grandparents.

I think this book should be savored slowly allowing the reader time to absorb and then reflect upon what the author is sharing. As I read this book, I found myself referring back to the poetry which was beautiful. A great little book that will be going into my permanent library.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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