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Homemade Haunting by Rob Stennett ~ review

Homemade Haunting: A NovelProduct Description

Charlie Walker doesn't believe in God or the supernatural. But Charlie's views change when he takes the biggest risk of his life---he quits his job to write the novel he's always wanted to write. The problem is that Charlie is a method writer. Since he's writing horror, he needs to experience horror. Charlie begins to dabble with the supernatural and experiences the paranormal around his house. Messages appear on mirrors, furniture moves, and his kids start seeing things. Charlie is so lost in his book that he can't see how it's affecting his family. He thinks if he just stops, it will all wash away. It doesn't. Friends convince Charlie that his only choice is to find God to save his family and home. Charlie becomes the unlikely hero in a supernatural battle. As he fights for his home and family, he meets his guardian angel and the demon assigned to him. Is Charlie going crazy? Is there really a supernatural war taking place around Charlie's home, the neighborhood mailbox, and local swimming pool? Homemade Haunting is a comedy, thriller, and allegory---just the type of story expected from Rob Stennett.

My take on this book:
I am a big fan of mainstream horror, suspense, so when I was given the opportunity to review "Homemade Haunting" by Rob Stennett the title intrigued me, and the cover had me wondering what it was all about, but what I found inside the covers of the book was what really held my attention!

Charlie Walker lost his faith in God at the age of seven when God failed to answer his prayers to save his mother who was dying of cancer. Now  thirty years later when Charlie is asked by his wife Rachel what he would like for his birthday, the answer he gives is that he would like to quit his job as a high school English teacher for six months so he can write a best selling horror novel. When she agrees they sell their home and find a cheap rental in Castle Rock. As he starts to write the first few chapters come easy, but then nothing,and he comes to realize that he can't possibly write about something he knows nothing about, so he decides to dabble in the supernatural for inspiration. His first foray into the supernatural is buying and using a Ouija board, which seems to work because the chapters are flowing again, but he is also experiencing some weird things in the house. When he confides in his wife about what he has been doing she jumps on board with him and soon she seems almost obsessed with the paranormal. It soon becomes a battle of spiritual warfare, and when Charlie's guardian angel shows up and allows him to see the demons that are wreaking havoc on his family, Charlie does the only thing he can do, he turns to God to save his family!

I really enjoyed this book! While this book deals with the topic of paranomal and "demons" the author writes it in such a way that it isn't really scary, he actually weaves alot of  quirky humor into the story.I loved the footnotes peppered throughout the story and found myself reading them first thing when I found them on the page, and acutally had to laugh about the refrence to The Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi, because its a show I watch regularly!
The thing that really jumped out at me throughout the story is just how easy it is to allow darkness into our lives,and once its there its not always so easy to get rid of. I found it very refreshing that I could read a story about the supernatural that also has a spiritual message woven in.

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A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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