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A Thousand Tomorrows & Just Beyond The Clouds Omnibus ~ review and giveaway winner!

A Thousand Tomorrows & Just Beyond The Clouds OmnibusAbout the books:
In A Thousand Tomorrows, Cody Gunner, a talented but angry cowboy, meets Ali Daniels, a lovely and mysterious barrel-racer. The two are national champions, top of their game, alone and intent on staying that way. Cody has rejected everything about his past, and only has room for his little brother, Carl Joseph, born with Down Syndrome. Ali embraces life, making the most of every moment because of a secret she keeps hidden from the public, connecting her with a sister who died before she had a chance to live. Before their paths intersect, competing is all they need, but what fears must they face if together they ignite a love that burns brighter than both of them?

In Just Beyond the Clouds, Cody is nursing a broken heart over the death of the love of his life, when he meets Elle Dalton, Carl Joseph's teacher. Cody can't bear the thought of losing his little brother, too, so when Elle begins championing Carl Joseph's independence, she finds herself at odds with Cody. But even while they battle it out, they can't deny the instinctive connection they share, and Cody faces a crisis of the heart. What if Elle is the one woman who can teach Cody that love is still possible?
In the brand-new omnibus edition, Karen Kingsbury's continuing story of devotion, tragedy, and renewal, comes to life, teaching that while love often causes the heart to break, it's also the only thing that can mend it again.

My take on this book:
There is a reason why Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. Her writing touches your heart. She pulls you into the world of the characters that she writes about, you feel their triumphs and their losses, her stories move you, and I always continue to think about the characters long after the story ends. This compilation of stories is no different, they draw you in and keep you reading, teaching us valuable lessons in faith and love.

In  "A Thousand Tomorrows", Cody Gunner is the best bull rider around. For him it isn't about the love of the sport, instead its about the eight seconds on the bull. He can leave his anger and emotion on the back of the bull, it lets him live with the rage he has felt since he was eight years old. The year his dad left. While he heard his dad tell his mom, he had to leave because of Cody's younger brother Carl Joseph,who has Down syndrome, he blames his mom for not making him stay. He also wonders what was wrong with him that made his dad not come back. All of these secrets he keeps to himself on the rodeo circuit.

Ali Daniels wants to be the top barrel racer in the world. Like Cody, she is a loner keeping to herself. She is also harboring secrets that she doesn't want the other riders on the rodeo circuit to know. She soon thinks that Cody is a kindred spirit, and Cody accidentally finds out Ali's secret, she knows she can trust him. Will they ever have a chance at love, or will Ali's secret keep them apart forever?

"Just Beyond The Clouds" is the continuation of Cody Gunners story. While not giving to much away, he finds himself back home, and wondering if he should give up bull riding. Carl Joseph is attending a special school that teaches people with Down syndrome to live independently. A sweet story develops between Carl Joseph and Daisy, a fellow student in Carl Joseph's school.
While telling a very realistic story the author also weaves in information that educated me about Down syndrome. The characters in both stories jump off the page. The hurt Cody felt was tangible. Picturing him as that eight year old boy running after his dad was heartbreaking.
If your a fan of christian fiction, that will touch your heart and give you a great message, you really should pick up these stories. While the author doesn't use scriptures in this book they way she does in most of her writings, Gods message still shines thru!
While this book is the second in the series, it can be read as a stand alone story, although I think you might enjoy it more if you read "A Thousand Tomorrows" first, which is why I recommend purchasing the omnibus.


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* I received a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher  (thanks Sarah) in exchange for an honest review.*


  1. I read a Thousand tomorrows and boy was it sad. I cried and cried during that book. it was good.. but only if you need a real good cry.

  2. Melissa, most of Karen's books make me cry, I think that's one of the reasons I love her work, she really grabs your heart!


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