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The Story Of Moses by Jennifer Talbot Ross ~ review

The Story of Moses Product Description

From surviving the wilds of the Texas Hill Country to a devastating battle with cancer, this is the story of Moses -- a beautiful, big, white dog who, from all indications, began his life as a livestock guard dog on a ranch in Texas (as do many dogs of his breed, the Great Pyrenees). Moses was taken in by a pet rescue group after having wandered onto a ranch in central Texas...homeless. After a few short months in foster care, Moses found his forever family and the road to immortality through their love and devotion.

In an authentic voice, the author tells the story of her beloved dog, Moses. Fate brought them together and something terrible ended their story far too soon. The Story of Moses recounts how Moses gained celebrity with friends, neighbors and strangers and earned the love and trust of both his human and four-legged family. As Moses illness is discovered and advances, life unravels like a loose thread in a well-worn sweater.

But, Moses' story is much, much more. It is the story of joy and hope and sorrow. It is the story of the wonderful dogs that came before, opening the door for Moses to walk through. It is the story of those left to remember and cherish. It is the story of survival in the midst of great loss-- of loving again, sheltering again, and living in the moment. It is knowing that, however painful, love remains and is the ultimate blessing.
The cast is a rich tableau of canine characters. There's Cleopatra, the first matriarch who won the author's heart and whose story is one of intelligence and grace and love. The story continues to unfold with Odin -- a fiercely loyal and protective dog whose will could not be broken and who loved Cleo immeasurably and grieved deeply and hauntingly through her loss. Odin was a mountain of a dog whose passing left a big hole in the lives of his owners and provided the impetus behind the search that led to Moses. Moses and his 'siblings' Bess, Samantha and Pax provide the next generation of antics and challenges in which Moses shines through with strength, willfulness and gentleness unmatched - a true, gentle giant. Though Moses' life ended tragically, his loving spirit lives on.

The book celebrates the individuality, intelligence and unconditional love of man's best friend. The book also dispels the myth of shelter and rescue dogs being undesirables while frankly exploring the pain and sorrow of loss and the soothing balm of trusted companions.

Animal lovers will delight in the stories of the amazing dogs that grace the pages and empathize over the ruthless destruction of canine cancer. Readers looking from the outside in who have not yet experienced the joy of pet ownership may well find themselves moved to do so.
My take on this book:
The Story of Moses written by Jennifer Talbot Ross is the true story of Ms. Ross and the remarkable dogs she was lucky enough to have in her life. To tell the story of Moses the author shares with us the stories of the other dogs she had prior to Moses, and how each dog impacted her life and ultimately led her to Moses.
The first dog we are introduced to is Cleopatra, called Cleo for short, a beautiful lab that her a stray that her grandmother and daughter rescued, being a single mother at the time Ms. Ross was hesitant to take the puppy, but she couldn't resist. While the author states she had always had animals in her life, it really seems that Cleo, opened her heart for the love affair she shared with dogs in her adult life.
In addition to Moses and Cleo, we also read the stories of Odin, Bess Samantha and Pax. As the author shares each of their stories, you feel the love the author had for her dogs. She shares their funny antics as well as their sometimes neurotic behaviour. When Moses comes into her life from an ad on, she finds a gentle giant of a dog, that seems to love life, who felt it was his job to take care of her. While cancer cut Moses' life short, she was blessed to have shared five years with him!
The author has a wonderful way of writing that makes you feel as if you are listening to an old friend talk about her pets. Her love of animals comes accross so strongly that the emotions jump off the page at you allowing you to share her joys and also her grieving when she loses a beloved pet. She also shares with the reader bits of interesting information about the breeds of dogs she has. I also felt the information she included in the back of the book about the SPIN, Saving Pyrenees In Need, was great, and her reminder that rescue animals make wonderful pets was a perfect ending to Moses' story.
A heartwarming story that all animal lovers should read, and if your on the fence about getting a pet you should read these stories, they just might help you realize your new best friend is just waiting for you!
rating 5/5 Reviewed for
About the author:
Jennifer Talbot Ross was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was Assistant Chief of Staff for Governor Buddy Roemer in the late 1980's, before moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. An animal lover, she has had numerous pets throughout her life and is an avid supporter of pet rescue. She is affiliated with Saving Pyrenees in Need (SPIN), a local pet rescue organization. Her first book, "The Story of Moses" is a testament to some of her most precious 4-legged angels. She is also a classically trained pianist and devoted grandmother.
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    This sounds like a lovely book, although I don't know if I can read the stuff about canine cancer without getting too upset..


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