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Uncertain Heart by Andrea Boeshaar~Glass Roads Blog Tour

Uncertain Heart (Seasons of Redemption, Book 2)Synopsis from Goodreads:

Unwilling Warrior began the saga of the McCabe Family series that continues with book two, Uncertain Heart. A farmer is the last man Sarah wants to marry! After all, if Sarah McCabe had wanted to marry a farmer, she would have stayed home in Missouri. Ensconced as a governess for Captain Sinclair of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah knows firsthand the life she has always desired, a life of luxury, culture, and social privilege. But then she meets Richard Navis, the captain's steward, and those highfalutin dreams seem to vanish in salt air. Sarah loves his teasing tenderness and she admires his commitment to the Lord. Why should Richard want to leave behind his career to buy, of all things, a farm? Sarah McCabe knows exactly what she wants... but what does God want for her?

My take on this book:

The Civil War has come to an end and  Sarah McCabe decides its time to become her own person, she is at the age where she wants to spread her wings and become independent of her family. She is tired of living in Jericho Junction Missouri, where her father is a pastor and the family is known for their strong christian faith, being the youngest child she often felt smothered by her parents and siblings. She had always dreamed of a life different than what she had, she wants excitement, culture and refinement, things she will never have if she stays in Jericho Junction, or so she believes.

 She secures a job as a music teacher in Chicago, but when she arrives she finds the position has been filled, but with the promise that the job would open up in the fall . She is determined not to go back home so she accepts a job for the summer as a governess for Captain Brian Sinclair's a widower with four children in Milwaukee. When no one arrives at the train station to pick her up she decides to walk to Mr. Sinclair's business where she meets Richard Narvis, the captain's steward, who is also an indentured servant, because the captain had paid for his schooling to become an accountant, but Richard would much rather be a farmer, with his service to the captain up in a few months he is leaving his future in Gods hands.

Sarah soon finds herself  torn between the two men, the Captain can give her the life she has always dreamed of, while Richard only has his love and the family farm. Who will she choose?

I love reading historical fiction and this book didn't disappoint. The plot in this book was captivating, grabbing your attention from the first pages and holding your attention until the end. While this would be considered a christian story, the author blends it in the story in a way that it isn't overwhelming, instead its there and it feels right. Often the characters in christian romance come off as perfect or very nearly so, but that wasn't the case here, she allowed them their flaws, and for me that made them seem so much more real.

Even though this book is the second in the Seasons of Redemption series it can easily be read as a stand alone novel. If your a fan of historical christian romance that moves at a brisk pace, and enjoy  a little drama and humor woven in the mix then you are going to love this book.

A third book titled Unexpected Love is due out Jan. 2011 and I for one can't wait to read it!

Even though I was provided a copy of this book by Glass Roads PR it in no way alters my opinion of this book.


  1. Sounds like a good one.
    I'm going to put it on my wish list.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. what a wonderful review of Uncertian Heart! Makes me want to curl up in front of the fireplace with this book! I Love reading and Hate the fact that I rarely find the time to read wonderful literature anymore! Thank you for sparking my interest!! And thank you for following HaddyGrace Designs. I now follow you back!


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