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Thieves Like Us by Starr Ambrose ~ review

Thieves Like Us

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Her ex stole the jewels, but this bad boy just stole her heart. . . .

After ditching the ruthless Banner Westfield, aka “the world’s worst husband,” sexy and fiercely guarded Janet Aims thinks the least she deserves for surviving attempted murder is a chance to cash in on her losses. Step one is hocking the wedding ring and ridiculously tacky necklace given to her by her conniving ex.

But just when Janet thinks she’s buried the past, the police claim that the necklace is part of the stolen Pellinni Jewel collection. Which means that even prison can’t stop Banner from dumping her smack in the middle of his evil schemes again.

With Colombian gangsters and jewel thieves hot on her trail, Janet has no choice but to turn to smoldering ex-con Rocky Hernandez, the one man who can make her fragile heart pound. Partnering up with a certified hottie who knows the ins and outs of Detroit’s seedy underbelly as well as he does a woman’s body might have its perks if Janet’s life—and her heart—weren’t on the line. . . .

My take on this book;
Janet Aims wants to get rid of everything her low life ex husband ever gave her. Wanting to become a new woman she has already cut her hair short, has a new condo, and now she is going to get rid of the engagement ring Banner Westfield gave her, she knows what its worth, heck she found the receipt for the thing. So when she goes into Portman's Jewelers even though she knows the rings value, she really doesn't expect alot for it she just wants rid of it. In the beginning the jeweler doesn't seem interested, but when she plunks down an "ugly" necklace that he gave her as well, she is shocked at what she is offered for it, she gladly takes the money and goes home.

It soon comes to her attention, when the police come knocking on her door, that the necklace is actually stolen, so when the cops take her to headquarters to question her, she knows there is one person who can help her Rocky Hernandez,who is a reformed ex-con. When they realize that the necklace is part of the stolen Pellinni Jewel Collection  they soon realize that Janet is in danger from other thieves, because they will assume she has the rest of the collection, and they will do whatever it takes to get it!
Rocky has feelings for Janet, but he knows she isn't ready for love but he will do whatever it takes to protect her, will she fall for bad boy Rocky or has her ex soured her on love?

Once I started reading this I realized that there must have been another book before this one, but it didn't take away from this fast paced story. I enjoyed the romantic tension between Rocky and Janet. Because of Rocky's past  I wasn't sure of him, but soon realized he was a good guy, I mean heck a guy who has a cat, can't be bad right?

As for Janet she is easily able to handle tough situations, making for some great reading when you pair up this duo. A great romantic suspense that held my attention to the last page, I definitely will look for more from this new to me author!

Even though I was provided a copy of this book for review by the publisher it in no way alters my opinion of this book.

rating 4/5

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