Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snow Day by Billy Coffey ~~review

Snow Day: A NovelProduct Description

In this debut novel, Peter is a simple man who lives by a simple truth--a person gains strength by leaning on his constants. To him, those constants are the factory where he works, the family he loves, and the God who sustains him. But when news of job cuts comes against the backdrop of an unexpected snowstorm, his life becomes filled with far more doubts than certainties.

With humor and a gift for storytelling, Billy Coffey brings you along as he spends his snow day encountering family, friends, and strangers of his small Virginia town. All have had their own battles with life's storms. Some have found redemption. Others are still seeking it. But each one offers a piece to the puzzle of why we must sometimes suffer loss, and each one will help Peter find a greater truth--our lives are made beautiful not by our big moments, but our little ones.
My take on this book:
Snow Day is Billy Coffey's reminds us that the important things in life aren't things at all, this little book reminds us of what is important. Filled with little stories about faith, wisdom, and kindness, and the overwhelming Love of God.
Peter Boyd is just your average man, he has two children, a wife who works as a teacher, and a good job. But when the company sends a memo stating "Exciting Announcement" he fears the rumors that have been spreading are true, that he will be laid off at work. A major cause to worry when your job brings in 3/4ths of the family's income. So when the little town of Mattingly VA is blanketed with snow he decides that for one day he doesn't want to think about work, so he takes an emergency snow day.
As with any major weather issue bread and milk are a must so his wife sends him off to the super center, which sound suspiciously like my Super Walmart, to do a bit of shopping. We follow him on his shopping expedition as he meets a cast of characters that reminds us of little life lessons. So Peter spends his snow day taking stock of his life, and realizes what is most important.
Billy Coffey is a writer who was able to draw me right into the story and make me feel like I was right there with him, I could easily imagine him vying for the last loaves of bread, or the elderly gentleman yelling for help, I could just imagine the mad dash the workers made and the EMT hustling down the aisle to be of assistance!
This story was written like several mini stories, the one thing that tied it together was Peter.While beautifully written this story doesn't tax the brain, it is very easy to follow and somewhat predictable, but the lessons in this book are priceless!
I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more from this talented writer!
Even though I was provided a review copy of this book by Faith Words it in no way influenced my opinion of this book!


  1. Ive totally been in the mood for snowy christmasy type books, thanks for posting this! :D

  2. Wasn't this book sooo good! i was thrilled to receive this as I love to read Billy's blog!! Like you, I am looking forward to much more from the talented Mr. Coffey!

  3. Loren, I have never read his blog, I will have to check it out!
    PiggysPen, I totally agree its the season to start reading snowy Christmasy books, our weather is starting to get cold and the weather man is predicting flurries for the weekend, makes me want to go out and Christmas Shop! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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