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Emily's Chance by Sharon Gillenwater Revell Blog Tour

Emily's Chance: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas)Product Description

Emily Rose may be in the tiny West Texas town of Callahan Crossing for the moment, but it's just a rung on her ladder to success. Her work at the Callahan Crossing historical society will look good on her ever-growing resume as she attempts to break into the prestigious world of a big city museum curator. Little does she know cowboy and contractor Chance Callahan has decided that he can convince her to stay--both with the town and with him. As he helps Emily restore the town's history after a devastating fire, he also helps her uncover her own hidden worth and the value of love. The second book in THE CALLAHANS OF TEXAS series, Emily's Chance is a heartwarming story of letting love take the lead. Readers will come away wishing they lived in Callahan Crossing.
My take on this book:
Emily's Chance written by Sharon Gillenwater is a great christian romance novel set in Texas.It is the second book in The Callahans of Texas series but can easily be read as a stand alone work, in fact I didn't have the opportunity to read the first book, Jenna's Cowboy ,but had no problems jumping right into this novel.
The story opens up with the small town of Callahan's Crossing recovering from a devastating wildfire. Emily Rose Denny was in Callahan Crossing hired by the historical society to set up Callahan Crossing Museum but with the damage from the fire she isn't sure that there will even be a museum. Technically she could do the job for free, she didn't need the money she had a trust fund that her grandfather had set up for her that let her live quite comfortably, but she needed the job to add to her resume.
Chance had first met Emily during the fire, and for him it was love at first sight, or second site, since first site it was hard to see her thru the smoke and fire! He was 29 years old and looking to settle down, but the thing with most women in his area they were really only interested in his money. What he wanted was what his parents and sister had, a true love that could withstand lifes ups and downs. He is sure that Emily is the one he is going to marry, now he just has to convince her of that. So when he donates a building he has just restored  to use as the museum, he hopes that she will stay and continue the work she started.
I loved this story, I felt the characters were very well developed, the background that we got with Emily was truly sad, even though she came from a wealthy family her life wasn't easy, she really hasn't had anyone in her life that truly cared for her, so when she starts to have feelings for Chance, she doesn't easily let go of her five year plan of becoming a curator of a large museum, feeling this is the only way that she can gain her parents approval and respect. Chance is a true gentleman, and will do anything for those he loves. Will Emily put her fears aside and take a chance on  love with Chance?

I must say that I really enjoyed the secondary stories in this book as well, particularly the history we got from Margaret Bradley's journal, about the relationship she had with Chance's grandfather.

I loved my visit to Callahan Crossing and found Emily and Chance's story a wonderful read, I can't wait to read the next book in this series Megan's Hero due to be released  June 2011.

Available October 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Even though I was provided a review copy of this book from Revell, thanks Donna, it in no way alters my opinion of this book!


  1. Sounds like a good book, I think that I will probably check this one out!!!

  2. I have had library patons asking about this one.


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