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The Black Chronicles Cry of The Fallen by Joel M. Andre Book Tour

The Black Chronicles: Cry of the Fallen (Volume 1)Product Description

On a warm summer afternoon, in Northern Arizona, a double homicide stains the ground with blood. Detectives are called out to handle the investigation, each plagued with their own internal demons, and aren't prepared for what they are about to find. Detective Lauren Bruni, faces a world of darkness and evil, as a demonic force begins to leash an attack on a small town. As the stakes begin to rise, so does the stunning truth, that not even Lauren can imagine. In a world where her life had started to fall apart, she must pick up the pieces and push forward in an effort to save those that she loves the most. Joel M. Andre takes the Horror genre and pushes the boundaries in a tale full of suspense, dark comedy and genuine horror.

My take on this book:
I am a huge fan of horror, some of my favorite authors are Clegg, Little and Wright to name a few and now I will have to add Andre to that list as well!

This book really packs a punch from the beginning pages right until the end! The town of Cottonwood Arizona has a problem, there is a murderer on the loose and it really seems like his victims are random. The first two murders were perpetrated against Lilia Saunders and her mailman Carl. The left side of Carl's face had been literally peeled off , and for Lilia, well someone had literally  picked her up and flung her against the mail truck, no easy task because she had weighed approx 140 pounds. As the body count continues to climb we are given such vivid descriptions of the murders taking place that it really makes your skin crawl, making this one of the more gruesome horror books I have read in awhile.

The detectives assigned to the case Lauren Bruni, and Miguel Sanchez, both have problems of their own. Lauren's husband left her and took their young daughter Magnolia with him, as we get her back story it is easy to understand why she comes off as rude, and very outspoken, she feels like her fellow officers really don't respect her. Sanchez has a back story that is filled with infidelity. Can they put their personal problems aside and figure out that this killer  might be something they are not used to dealing with before its to late!!

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of this book was the "tea party" that went on with Maureen,it reminded me of something off of the TV show Chiller,  I only wish she would have stuck around longer in this story she had great potential!  The story he wove with Beth was eerie, I still think about it, and it makes me wonder, What if?

My favorite character was probably the  ghoul, Grunald, for a ghoul he seemed so nice, almost childlike.
With the ending we were given I feel like this probably won't be the last time we see Lauren Bruni, and I for one will be watching anxiously for the next book!
If you like your murder mysteries with a side of horror, and don't mind reading gruesome details, and enjoy dark humor, then you are in store for a real treat because Cry of the Fallen gives you that and so much more!
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Even though I was provided a review copy of this book by Pump Up Your Books Book Tour and the author it in no way influences my opinion of this book!


  1. I couldn't agree more. Excellent story and most reviewers are enjoying the book as well.

    Lauren is a character you need to look at deeper to get.I found your review dead on!

  2. Thank you for the review! Glad to see you liked it and got the characters. Really appreciate your time Brenda!

  3. I liked the tea party scene too! Cracked me up!!

  4. Okay Brenda what was the story with Beth, you really have me wondering what it is. Great review, although horror isn't my cup of tea this book sounds fun!

  5. William, glad your dropped by,I think Lauren's character has more to share with us! Thanks so much Mr. Andre for popping in I really appreciate it, and Autumn, I totally agree the tea party scene was awesome, Ann, I will drop you an email explaining the storyline with Beth, even though it wasn't a gory murder, it was so creepy, and I have actually read stories of that sort of thing happening! I am sending you an email now!

  6. Great review! I loved this book as well and really enjoyed Grunald. I can't wait to read more by Joel and feel that he has an excellent way of writing that is so visual that the reader cannot help but become engrossed within the pages of the story!

  7. I normally don't read this type of book but your review makes me think I will give this one a try, I can't imagine that your favorite character was a ghoul,I too am curious as to what the storyline was with Beth, I have been following this tour, and don't recollect anyone mentioning that character, I leave comments periodically but can't figure out how to leave my name, I am fairly new to this stuff, but I visit your blog daily, I am always anxious to see what you will review next,because there seems to be no true type of book you read, your all over the place!

  8. Anonymous, If you will email me I will help you figure out how to leave your name on your comments, as to the storyline with Beth, if you will send me your mailing address I will gladly mail you my copy of Cry of the Fallen, because I believe good books should be shared! Thanks for visiting I look forward to your email.

    April, thanks for dropping by, I totally agree, his writing style is second to none, I for one can't wait to read whatever he writes next!


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