Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me, Myself and Why by Mary Janice Davidson (review)

Me, Myself and Why? From Publishers Weekly

Davidson's odd chick lit thriller cozy, the first in a trilogy introducing Cadence Jones, a federal agent afflicted with MPD (multiple personality disorder), will either delight or horrify. To begin, one must buy into the concept that the FBI would have a covert branch in Minneapolis, the Bureau of False Flags Ops (BOFFO), staffed with operatives like Jones; her sociopathic partner, George Pinkham; and assorted pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs, and paranoid psychotics. Jones's joking about the various mental challenges of her crew may strike some as creepy in the context of their hunt for the "ThreeFer" serial killer. Meanwhile, Jones's alternating identities hop in and out during the disjointed investigation, creating romantic problems. Davidson (Undead and Unfinished) deserves credit for attempting black comedy, but her paranormal romance fans may be left scratching their heads.

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My take on this book:
The main character in this book or should I say characters, are Candence Jones and her "sisters" as she likes to call them, Shiro and Adrienne. Actually they aren't her sisters at all but instead Candence has multiple personality disorder and these are her other personalities. Candence witnessed a severe trauma at the age of three that caused her to develop these additional personalities. Candence is a sweet demure girl, somewhat dense who thinks she is a virgin, even though her "sisters" often have her waking up in bed with strange men.
Candence and her "sisters" are agents for a special dept in the FBI called the BOFFO, this is a dept where all of the agents suffer from some sort of  psychological disorder, I mean heck who better to catch a criminal that someone who suffers from the same issues as they do, yeahh right!!!  One of the conditions of employment for the people in BOFFO is that they have to see a psychiatrist weekly.

The agents are trying to find a serial killer nicknamed Threefer because he likes to kill in three's. Candence soon believes that the killer is trying to leave her a message thru his victims.
This story was so off the wall unbelievable it hooked me from the beginning, who could ever imagine a special dept in the FBI with agents that are certifiable, but allowed to carry firearms.
I enjoyed the transitioning between Candence and her personalities.It  happens very quickly that  often one of the personalities will start to say something and the other personality will show up so quick that the sentence is never finished. It really keeps you on your toes trying to keep them straight!

A quirky, off the wall premise, with a mystery, a little romance some sarcastic wit, and an interesting cast of characters that  round out this entertaining  read!
I look forward to seeing what the author does with the next book in this series!

I would easily rate this book a 4.

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  1. Sounds interesting...from the synopsis, it seems hard to see how this would work, but your review makes clear that it does :)

  2. Fab review! I liked the cover, so read on and now am adding to my list.

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  4. Great review. I was drawn to the title and book cover first. Your review sealed the deal. =)


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