Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Intern by Jess C. Scott

Young Adult Fiction (Seven Deadly Sins Series, The Intern, Book 1, LUST)Product Description

* Book #1 (Lust) in Jess C Scott's SINS07 "seven deadly sins" series--a teenage version of Dirty Dancing meets Punk'd.

SUMMARY: A 17-year-old intern must choose between trusting an irresistibly suave dance instructor--or her instincts. SINS07 is a series featuring lighthearted tales that explore each of the seven sins in order, beginning with lust.

My take on this book:
The Intern is the first book in the seven deadly sins series and the first time that I have had the opportunity to read anything written by Jess C. Scott, and now I am totally hooked and can't wait for the next book in this series. With a style that is light, witty and charming and characters that are so real to life and descriptions of dance moves that are so vivid, you find yourself drawn into the world of Suzie and Chester.
Suzie and Chester attend  Nova Academy one of the most prestigious high schools in the country, so its no surprise that they are chosen for an internship at a museum.
They will get to spend two weeks in a nice hotel where there is a dance studio that teaches hip hop dance. Suzie quickly decides to sign up for a class because she has always loved to dance, she is always learning new dance moves by watching dance clips from you tube. After the first lesson she is approached by the instructor, Jo.Zee with an offer to be in his new exercise video. She is totally in lust from the first minute that she meets Jo.Zee and quickly agrees.
Suzie soon gets caught up in the attention from Jo.Zee and begins to think she may really have a chance with him, and along the way sort of starts ignoring her friend Chester.Soon Suzie is put to the test and must decide if she will let lust over rule what she knows is right. This book had an ending that I would have never guessed and I loved it!
This book will give an up close look at how a young girl can get caught up in lusting and fantasizing about the opposite sex, but it is done very tastefully and really makes Suzie seem very real.I loved Chester's character and wish that every teen girl had a Chester in their life!  This book is geared toward young adults but I enjoyed it and I am way past the young adult age.
I definitely plan on reading more of Ms. Scott's work and will be watching for the next one in this series!
If your interested in reading more about this book here is a link to the blog tour page just click here, because hey its always good to get a second opinion :).


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