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Angels On Call Inspiring True Stories from the ER by Robert D. Lesslie, M.D

Angels on Call: Inspiring True Stories from the ERProduct Description

Robert Lesslie’s story collection Angels in the ER was called “a chronicle of mankind at its best” by actor Richard Thomas. Readers have agreed—the book has sold over 125,000 copies! Now, in Angels on Call, Dr. Lesslie chronicles more incidents and people from his 25 years in the ER.
This fast-paced, inspiring, and thought-provoking volume reveals many nurses, doctors, patients, and friends to be “angels” in their own way. Readers will be captivated as they meet...
patients who choose life despite difficult circumstances

people whose condition of body—or soul—demands split-second action

fathers, mothers, and children as they triumph over difficulty

individuals who embrace hope—for themselves and others

Woven throughout is a question: Are we “on call”—are we available—to help others? Readers will be inspired to consider this question as they share intimate joys and struggles of people just like them.

My review:
Angels on Call is a collection of stories written by Dr.Robert D. Lesslie, MD, describing some of the experiences and the people he met while working as an E.R. doctor in a busy hospital in Rock Hill, SC.

With each story that you read in this book, you will experience different emotions. Whether Dr. Lesslie is telling us of a man who has just committed double homicide, and then tried to slit his wrists, or telling us of a child who just might have a brain tumor, he describes each of the situations in such a way to make you feel as if you are actually experiencing  the drama going on in his ER, his descriptions portray such real emotion and feelings you can't help but be touched by the emotions that he felt. He looks at each of his patients as individuals. It comes across very strongly that he actually cares about his patients, and does everything in his power for them, his compassion and kindness literally jump off the page at you.

Along with the drama of the ER  you also get a glimpse of Dr. Lesslie's prankish nature, there are a few stories where we get a glimpse of some of the pranks that he would play on co workers that were really amusing, giving us a further glimpse of his very down to earth personality.

This is a book full of life lessons, the biggest one being how fragile life really is. The Bible verses paired with each story will help you find peace, and remind you that God puts angels where we need them.

A wonderful book that will make you laugh one minute and cry the next, with stories and people you wont soon forget. If you have lost your faith in God and mankind read this book and you will realize that there are still kind, caring people in this world.

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