Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Review for Simple Secrets By Nancy Mehl

Simple Secrets: Can Love Overcome Evil in the Mennonite Town of Harmony, Kansas? (The Harmony Series, Book 1)Synopsis from Goodreads:
Can graphic designer Gracie Temple have it all: the big city life and a job at a successful advertising firm? Just when she feels life coming together she receives an unknown uncle’s inheritance in a quiet Kansas Mennonite community. The house comes with dark legacy and a cast of interesting neighbors, including farmer Sam Goodrich. Can Gracie shake off the dust of this town or will its secret charms pull her in to stay?

My take on this book:
Simple Secrets is a very well written christian mystery that takes place in Harmony Kansas a small Mennonite community.  
When Gracie Temple inherits her uncles property in Harmony she is sort of surprised. She had never met this uncle, when her family left the Mennonite community years before her uncle decided to stay and never contacted anyone in the family again.
Gracie decides she will take a quick trip to dispose of the house and collect some family heirlooms, but once she arrives she finds a letter left to her by her uncle that discloses the murder of a man named Jacob Glick, and her uncle  Ben believed that Gracie's dad murdered this man, so to hide  the murder Ben buried the man on his property and then spent the rest of his life keeping a secret to protect his brother.
Gracie is sure that her dad is in no way responsible for the murder, but who is ? Can she trust her new found friend Sam Goodrich to help her figure out who the real murderer is?
The author throws out several suspects for us to choose from, but this is no easy mystery to solve, I thought I had it right but was surprised at the end.
This is a very fast paced read  full of mystery, suspense, romance and also a glance at the Mennonite community. The author keeps you guessing right up till the end trying to figure out who the murderer actually is.
I loved my visit to Harmony and look forward to reading the next book in this great Mennonite series titled Simple Deceit due out 12/10.
Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this great e-book.


  1. My daughter read and reviewed this book and she loved it as well! Glad to know there is another one coming out :) Have a blessed week

  2. Very nice review! Thanks for sharing.....

  3. I love reading about the Amish so I bet this book would be great. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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