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Tempted by a Warrior by Amanda Scott

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Lady Fiona, wed in haste, has never known marital peace. When last she'd seen her cruel husband Will, he'd struck her - and she has no memory of what she did next - only that she woke later alone in her bedchamber. Will has gone missing, and Fiona fears that in her rage and terror she might somehow have killed him. When her husband's cousin Sir Richard comes to search for Will, Fiona is touched by his warm nature. A knight and warrior, Richard is drawn to Fiona's brave manner, quickly seeing in her an equal measure of inner courage. Confessing that she fears having killed Will, Fiona accepts Richard's offer to help her. Pursuing together the mystery of Will's disappearance, they fall in love. Meanwhile the English are reinforcing their garrison in the Scottish Borderlands, putting Fiona, Richard, and Scotland in peril....
My take on the story:
Even though the heroine Fiona Jardine has been beaten down by her husband numerous times she didn't let that break her spirit. Fiona married at the age of 15. Her husband Will Jardine became very abusive beating her into submission. She endures two years of this treatment,and at the age of 17 while she is pregnant Will once again severely beats her so bad in fact that she blacked out for a bit. When she wakes up the next morning and Will is missing well you think good riddance hoping Fiona's life might turn around. Well turns out back during this time period women were looked at like property mindless and unable to fend for themselves. So she has to answer to her father-in-law, Old Jardine, who is on his deathbed. He is just as vile as his son and goes so far as to blame Fiona for Will's disappearance even going so far as to say he thought she might have murdered him.

When Old Jardine summons his nephew Kirkhill to his deathbed to try and find out what has happened to Will. He goes on to say that in the event Will isn't found then he wants Kirkhill to become Fiona's guardian upon his death. Well as you can expect that throws Fiona into a tizzy because she assumes that Kirkhill will be just like the other Jardines.

She soon realizes though that Kirkhill is a very fair man and even starts to have feelings for him...

I was sort of surprised at this book. I really expected just another love story but in actuality the author gives us so much more. There is mystery, intrigue, perseverance along with some Scottish History.

I loved the way that the author used Scottish language in this story. In my head I could hear that Scottish brogue. Even though this is the third book in a triology it can easily be a stand alone read, although I enjoyed this book so much I want to pick up the first two.

Even though I was provided a copy of this book to review by Hachette Publishing (Thanks Anna)it in no way influenced my opinion of this book


  1. Sounds like an excellent book! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great Review!!! I love scottish romances!!! They are my favorite to read and I definitely want to read this one!


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