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Somewhere My Lass by Beth Trissel

Somewhere My LassProduct Description

Neil MacKenzie's well ordered life turns to chaos when Mora Campbell shows up claiming he's her fiance from 1602 Scotland. Her avowal that she was chased to the future by clan chieftain, Red MacDonald, is utter nonsense, and Neil must convince her that she is just addled from a blow to her head--or so he believes until the MacDonald himself shows up wanting blood.

Mora knows the Neil of the future is truly her beloved Niall who disappeared from the past. Although her kinsmen believe he's dead, and she is now destined to marry Niall's brother, she's convinced that if she and Neil return to the past, all will be right. The only problem is how to get back to 1602 before it's too late.

The balance of the present and future are in peril if she marries another, and the Neil of the present will cease to exist. An ancient relic and a few good friends in the future help pave the way back to the past, but will Mora and Neil be too late to save a love that began centuries before?

My review:  In this book the author does a great job  of getting us hooked on the two main characters. You have Mora Campbell that has just time traveled from 1602 and landed in 1999 in Staunton Va in Neil Mackenzie's upstairs hallway. Neil isn't having the best of days anyway because he has just come home to find his beloved housekeeper Mrs Dannon with her throat cut, dead at the bottom of the stairs. He isn't sure whether there has been a robbery or what, and when he hears a noise upstairs he goes to check it out and finds a beautiful girl , dressed in Scottish attire no less slumped over unconcious. Later when he rouses the girl she tells him she is Mora Campbell and she believes that Neil is really her betrothed Naill whom her clan believed was dead. She goes on to tell him she was being chased by a Macdonald, back in the year 1602 and that he has traveled with her to where ever she is now. Well needless to say the story sounds so preposterous that Neil just thinks that she must have a concussion.
Well sooner than later the truth comes to light when Neil comes face to face with the MacDonald, and due to a clan feud the MacDonald wont rest until he has done away with Neil.
When Neil and Mora go to Neil's best friend and total geek Fergus, for a safe place to stay they decide to do some research and find that everything Mora has said is true, and that if they don't get Mora back to 1602 and rescue Naill all within two days that the Mackenzie history could be changed forever. The only thing is Neil is starting to feel  a pull toward Mora, and also having snippets of memory from a life he knows nothing about.
Will Neil be able to get Mora back in time ? Will he let her wed Naill or is it somehow possible that the Neil in the future is actually Naill of the past? Will fate somehow let these two people whose love has transcended the centuries finally be joined?
This is a very fast paced story that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat wondering what in the world the author is going to come up with next. She takes us on an amazing journey thru time with such descriptions that make you feel like your right there. It is so hard to label this story just a romance novel because it is so much more. You have time travel,romance, murder, suspense,and if that's not enough to keep you interested she also throws in a story about true friendship. This is a second in a series but this story totally stands alone. This is the first of Mrs Trissel's work that I have had the pleasure to read but it certainly won't be the last. If your looking for a book whose characters you will remember long after you read the last page then this is the book for you.

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