Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stitching Tuesday

While I have always been an avid reader I also hold a great love for stitching and crafts in general. Reading and stitching is my way of unwinding after a long work day.  I normally crochet lap robes for local nursing homes but this past fall I finally picked up counted cross stitch again. So I plan on starting a new Tuesday feature that will focus on whatever I am stitching for the week. So let's begin.

I am working on The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - Cross Stitch Pattern
 Here is what the project will look like.

Here is my progress. My goal is to finish this by Dec. 2017 by doing a block a month. I started this block last weekend so I really feel like it is a very do able goal. 

I am also working on this quick stitch:

I plan on updating each Tuesday with stitching progress and even plan on doing posts that revolve around the various stitching tools I use, along with tips, tricks, tricks, techniques, along with links to useful stitching pages. 

If you're a stitcher, or do any type of crafts I would love to read your comments and check out your blog. Happy stitching, and happy reading! 

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