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The Last Sunset by Daniel Jay Paul

  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • Publisher: Xlibris (March 18, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 140103425X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401034252

Love is much more than a day at the beach. It can heal the wounds of childhood and can span long beyond the grave. Set in a small town in Michigan. The Last Sunset chronicles the unexpected and heart-warming journey of Steve Hadley - a college student forced into community service as punishment for a college prank. While not-so quietly doing his time at the Pioneer Manor Nursing Home, Hadley meets 83 year-old Moses Bailey, whose sole remaining wish is to see the sunset over Lake Michigan one final time. As he learns about Bailey's life, loves and broken dreams, Hadley unexpectedly finds himself on his own surprising and heart-wrenching story of love and romance. Blending flashbacks of the man facing his last sunset, with the youthful hopes and desires of a college student hoping to spend many more with the woman he loves, The Last Sunset is a thoughtful, poignant and ultimately inspirational tale.

My take on this book:
Because of an accident that occurred during her childhood Dawn McNally has given up hope of ever having a family of her own, so instead she spends her time working at Pioneer Manor Nursing Home where 83 year old Moses Bailey is one of her favorite patients. When nineteen year old Steve Hadley is assigned to do his community service at the home he is immediately drawn to Dawn and her beauty but she can't accept that he would ever see her as anything other than scarred. As Steve spends time with Moses he learns of Moses own life and the love that he shared with his beloved Sarah.  Moses longs to see the sunset one last time from the beach and Steve is determined to get him there, but it will take the help of Dawn to pull it off.The Last Sunset by Daniel Jay Paul is the story of two men, Moses who is at the end of his journey reflecting on his one true love and Steve whose heart is drawn to Dawn if only he can convince her. 

Not one but two love stories is what I found within the pages of  The Last Sunset by Daniel Jay Paul. Both stories were great, and the author does a wonderful job of transitioning between past and present. Normally whenever I read a book that shares two stories the historical one is my favorite but with this one both stories were compelling with characters that were so realistic that they literally jumped off the pages.The author's writing elicited such emotion where the characters were concerned I found my heart breaking for Dawn more than once, but also felt hope and elation as she finally started to see herself as others saw her. Steve's character became so much more than I expected, and the character of Moses was so realistic, I wanted to be sad for him, but his feistiness and the stories he shared of his life really reminded me of a life well lived!  The author's intertwining of the past love of Moses and the present love that is blossoming with Steve and Dawn flows smoothly and the transition between past and present was so easy to follow. While there are a few sexual situations the author is very good at selecting his words to project a visual image without using smuttiness to get his point across. A well written, deeply satisfying story that takes the reader on an emotional journey of the heart while sharing more than a few life affirming lessons along the way.
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